1. Wildcavenight: Organically Erotic Ambient for those Cryptic Souls Passionately Grave Inclined

  2. Thoughtform's Energy Equals Foughtstorm's Reality

  3. Coping Mechanism for Clusterfuck'd Egotism

  4. Violin's In Season: Crestfallen...I'm Headin' to My Final Destination...Go Enjoy thy Freedom

  5. Witchcraft for Winter's Broken Staff: Runic Synapse (Haegl Peorth Cen Feoh Ur Asa Tyr)

  6. Hex'd Complex to tell 'Vhat's Spinnin' 'Round My Head...So Here's How It Sounds Instead

  7. It Never Ends...So Hence Comes Again Haegl's Resurgence With the Crone's Bonechillin' Presence

  8. Rendezvous: Hopefully Ye Make It Here Astrally Soon...for We Both Are Crystal Clearly Overdue

  9. Beautiful Ambient Luminal Experiment

  10. Found My Bulgarian Castle the Other Daze...Bound to Me In the Astral By Tower'd Ways

  11. The Lost Masquerade of Frost: Tonight Ye Are Mine & Our Cascade Shall Pour for Its Cost

  12. Nightrollin' Pianos & Raindrop'd Violins: A Delightful Voyage On Count Frost's Carriage

  13. Aethercenter: Remember that I Cannot Stay Caved Forever...Please Be Safe & Treasure thy Winterfire

  14. Ghostmachine: 'Velcome to A Very Special Kind of Phantasmagorical Show Unlike Ye've Ever Seen

  15. If Ye Haven't Figured Out My Main Intention...then Ye Clearly Haven't Paid Enough Attention

  16. A Daemonic Operatic Sequence of Unsaid Malovelence & the Death of Baronial Decadence

  17. Cloak'd & Veil'd from the Shadow of Hel's Ocular Well...Alcoved & Nail'd In the Ship of Icefire Scales

  18. Witchdrift With this Picture's Current
    Tomonari Nozaki/A Bleeding Star

  19. The Enchanting Lake of Drift Free Worries & Everlasting Stay-At-Bay Heartache

  20. LXXXVII: Forget About this Mess'd Realm for A Second & Enjoy this Nyxchill'd Smokin' Session

  21. 'Vhen La Belle Melodia De Astraloceana Ghostship Brought Me to the Forest of Fatalia

  22. Distant Orbit: My Parallel Lines' Near Collidin'...Causin' Correlation to Silversphere Visit

  23. Classical Snow: Watchin' Its Arrival Billow Below My Château's Window

  24. Comadroned: Either I'm Already Dead Or Terribly Somastoned & Realmzoned Instead

  25. Noetic Eclipse: Inexorably Drawn Within the Eerily Calm Forest of the Will 'O' Wisps

  26. Now that Summer's Fallen...Come Forth...'O' Lady Autumn...With thy Pensive Essence

  27. Xynexaeh Town: Erom Reverof (Xyn Own Eht Exa/Exa Own Eht Xyn)

  28. Underwater Cavern of Seclusion: A Crystallized Location of Knowledge for the Speechless

  29. Soulcreature: The Structure of Nature

  30. Amorphous Momentus Metamorphisis Catharsis

  31. Exist Consists of Potrayal Exits: Catharticism for the Aesoteric Hermit & His Loyal Spirits

  32. An Early Mo(u)rnin' Visit to the Museum of the Elfin Kin & His Eclectic Athenaeum

  33. Nocturne In Black & Gold
    Tomonari Nozaki/A Bleeding Star

  34. Futureyes: Transhumanism's Just Another Lie for Sold Out Souls Ready to Comply

  35. A Bittersweet Japanese Seith Dream of Tea & Leaves (Underneath the Sakura Tree)

  36. From the Depths of the Orient's Ashes...Rose the Ancient Koi Dragons of Fiery Courage
    A Bleeding Star/Tomonari Nozaki

  37. Mindtripsonic Treasures to Celebrate the Audible Delicacies of My Evergrowin' Desires

  38. The Darkest Nyxcrypt'd Collection Of My Latest Sickvision'd Constellation

  39. Time Traveling Back Before It All took Place...So I May Finally Bloody End It Face to Face

  40. As Her Lantern Fire Grew Dim of Moonlight...I Felt Like A Spiked Hematite that Night

  41. The Wolfbitten Melodies Of My Snowfallen Memories

  42. The Aesoteric Cartography of My Astral Travel’d Phantasmasy

  43. Of Bloody Absynthe & Opium Wine'd Lenses - A Vampyre's Delicacies to Night's Senses

  44. While Investigating the Coffin of My Ghostly Beloved...I Found this Lost Recollection

  45. Tonight...I Want to Carve Stars in this Cityscar'd Sky...With the Blood from My Eyes

  46. Grim's Forgotten Ghost Ridden Transmissions of Past Indecisions & Post Apparitions

  47. Out of My Window Panes...Symbols & Shapes Rose Like Veins

  48. A Frozen Heart’s Buried Synoptic Vision of Its Dead Art…

  49. Nocturnalia's Bliss - Dismiss the Crisis of a Hopeless Romantic's Last Midnight Kiss

  50. Avalanched In A Grim Winter's Frostbitten Romance...

  51. Dark Offering XI - 353 Parasomatic Daydreams & 329 Sleepsickening Nights

  52. The Bloody Hours - 3:AM - Welcome to the Bloody Hours, Ladies & Gentlemen...

  53. The Bloody Hours - My Darling of Disdain's Gone Insane...

  54. Dark Offering X - Oh Bride of Graves, I Miss You More than Words Can Say...

  55. Dark Offering IX - My Last of Goodbyes...

  56. Dark Offering VIII - As the family tree breaks, I fall...

  57. Her Ancient Melody Echoed through the Aether of Eternity
    Bleeding & Betrayed

  58. Black Room Oddities & Bonfire Chair Solemnities

  59. Dark Offering VII - The Night 13 Daemons Cried...

  60. Dark Offering VI - When Heartstrings Get Ripped Apart...

  61. Among Ghostly Fields & Frozen Forests of Sleep
    Bleeding & Betrayed

  62. Dark Offering V - From Midnight's Hill, I Shall Guide Fallen Stars Back to Yggdrasil

  63. Dark Offering IV - With Black Tears & Bloody White Arms...I Am Disarmed

  64. Dark Offering III - My Cold & Paradoxical Suicide of Nine Nights Endowed I Hexefus Eyes

  65. Dark Offering II - From the Ashes of My Ghostly Beloved...

  66. Dark Offering I - Specteral Demonstrations of My Deathly Dissolution


A Bleeding Star Ontario

{A Bleeding Star} Is A {Dark-Ambient/Gothic/Experimental/Drone} Project Created In {MMVIII} ...Although the Aesoteric Count Only Usually Works With His Personal Gathering of Ghosts, Specters, Spirits {&} Wraiths...Certain Chosen {ABS} Chapters of His {Cauldronations / Sombre Creations} tend to Ask for the Certain Skills of Other Fine {Good-Dark} Soul'd Artists | {^-. .-^} ... more

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